Dr. William F. Middleton Jr., Optometrist Inc.



Same location in El Centro, California for 24 years!

Dr. Middleton, Optometrist provides comprehensive eye examinations using both computerized and manual testing to achieve the best accuracy & most comfort possible. Dr Middleton combines state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience with a big dose of old-fashioned friendly service.

Doc says,"I expect my patients, every time, to have the very best vision possible, to accomplish the tasks that they need to be able to do, with the corrective lenses that I prescribe."

We have a huge selection of both designer and economy eyeglass frames and fit many types of contacts including: color, custom, disposable, hard and soft lenses.

Need information on vision problems, head aches, laser treatment, lasik? As our website is developed you'll find answers here, or go ahead and call Dr. Middleton.



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